AJAX in Delphi Demo

For the moment this web sites hosts an AJAX demo I built for my Birds-of-a-Feather Session at Borland's DevCon05, in November 2005. The aim is to add reference material on AJAX and other more advenced demos to this site. Stay tuned for updates.

You can find some links below, including a few to my own AJAX-related blog entries. Feel free to suggest more in the blog comments or by sending email to my marco.cantu account on gmail.com.


This section is going to be replaced by data as you click on the demo links.

The first link fetches an HTML table (from a Delphi WebBroker app), the second and third fecth an XML ClientDataSet that is further processed in the browser with Google's XSLT engine. More info in the demo documentation, which will become avaialble soon. For now you can have a look at the session slides here. You can also download the program code and the ajaxmd.com demo site in an earlier versions than those on display here.

The key feature is the master/details display (the last link): here the master data is fetched once, while the details are accessed one by one on request, producing an efficient web site with a nice UI.

AJAX Documentation

AJAX tools I used

AJAX Demo sites

All Cust XSLT

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Temp Xml Data