Delphi, AJAX, REST

I created this site for hosting an AJAX in Delphi demo I built for my Birds-of-a-Feather Session at Borland's DevCon05, in November 2005. Over the years I added to the site further experiments with maps, hosted data for public web services, and as of May 2009 I'm adding a Delphi REST Clients section.

You can find some links below, including a few to my own AJAX-related blog entries. Feel free to suggest more in the blog comments or by sending email to my marco.cantu account on gmail.com.


What is AJAX? What is REST? What is Delphi?

Well, I'm not really trying to answer all this, but there are a few links below that might help you get started in any of the three... While if you looking for these technologies in action on this demo site, follow the links on the upper left menu.

AJAX Documentation

AJAX tools I used (a long ago)

AJAX Demo sites

REST Documentation

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Delphi Documentation